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Skydive Maceió

 operates its jumping area within the highest safety standards and under the regulation of the rules of the Brazilian Parachuting Confederation CBPQ.

Safety is our priority!


  • All equipment is state-of-the-art and checked in detail after each jump;

  • The high technology of the parachutes is seen in every detail, such as in one of the components called DAA – Automatic Deployment Device. This device was developed by NASA and recreated for sports use;

  • The equipment that attaches the passenger to the instructor consists of four hooks, each of which supports up to two tons;

  • Skydive Maceió only uses the sigma model, considered the best and safest parachute for jumping with passengers;

  • All tandem jump equipment used at Skydive Maceió is manufactured by UPT – United Parachute Technologies.

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